Can Canine Eat Hazelnuts?

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Can Dogs Eat Hazelnuts

As a superb and accountable canine proprietor, it’s your duty to care about what’s your canine is consuming. So, researching earlier than you give your canine something is important. Nuts do add dietary worth to each people and canine as they’re wealthy in protein and fiber. However are you aware that they’re wealthy in fats, and never all of the nuts are useful for the canine? Let’s take hazelnuts as the purpose of debate. Hazelnuts aren’t poisonous to canine, however as they’re stable, one can face issue in chewing. Moreover, they’re uncooked, roasted, or lined in chocolate which makes them downside creating nuts. Lastly, if they’re consumed in massive portions and frequently, they are often harmful for the canine.

Why Are Hazelnuts Dangerous For Canine?

Though two or three hazelnuts gained’t create any downside if they’re consumed in massive portions and that too frequently, they will create numerous well being issues, together with choking and blockages hazards. In such circumstances, it’s best to instantly rush to the vet or close by hospital. There isn’t a have to panic as hazelnuts gained’t result in the unhappy demise of your canine, however there are various features that make hazelnuts unhealthy for the canine.


Hazelnuts are wealthy in fats, and consuming too many hazelnuts could cause irritation of the pancreas as it’s unable to interrupt down the extreme fats or perform correctly. Pancreatitis additionally results in harm to the encircling organs and tissues. The indicators that can let you recognize about this downside are diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, dehydration, fever, and lack of urge for food. Contact your vet in the event you discover any of those signs, as they are often deadly if missed for lengthy sufficient.

Weight problems

As you recognize, hazelnuts are wealthy in fats, so they might additionally result in weight achieve or weight problems. Additional kilos in your pet can have an effect on their power ranges and may trigger well being points similar to coronary heart illness, joint ache, lethargy, diabetes, kidney failure, and so forth. Weight problems will make your canine a potato sofa, and you’ll lose your wholesome and lively pet.

Intestinal Blockages

One more reason hazelnuts are most likely a foul concept is their measurement and toughness. Hazelnuts, if not chewed correctly, can result in blockages within the gut. It could trigger choking hazards in addition to harm the tissues of the esophagus. Relying in your canine’s measurement and the variety of hazelnuts eaten, your canine could also be unlikely to face issues in his abdomen. In case you have a pet, it’s worthwhile to take particular care of him because the puppies are probably the most mischievous. They’re extra liable to intestinal blockages on account of their small measurement. There may be excellent news for you that the indicators of intestinal blockages are simple sufficient to detect. These embody diarrhea, vomiting (commonest), straining throughout bowel actions, ache within the stomach, drooling and burping, constipation, and lack of urge for food.

Instantly contact your vet in the event you discover any of the signs talked about above in your canine, because the signs of each pancreatitis and intestinal blockages are equally harmful. They will pose a critical risk to your pet. Most importantly, in case your canine eats hazelnuts with chocolate coating, then it’s worthwhile to be extra cautious and faster in suspecting the signs of chocolate poisoning. The signs are the identical as pancreatitis and intestinal blockages. Chocolate poisoning may be very harmful if not handled on time. You may even lose your pet if delayed within the therapy or pumping out the hazelnuts from his physique.


In brief, it is suggested to not feed your canine with nuts. Some nuts are poisonous to canine, and others that aren’t poisonous pose a risk of intestinal blockage. Different nuts which might be poisonous to canine and will by no means be given are macadamia, walnuts, almonds, and black walnuts. You may generally give your canine cashews as they’re wealthy in fiber and protein, however it’s best to try this to a restrict. As even cashews could cause choking hazards due to their measurement. Some canine don’t chew the meals correctly and instantly gulp it. These nuts may be swallowed complete by canine. Intestinal blockage is the most important downside that nuts trigger to canine. It can assist if they aren’t given hazelnuts to cut back the potential for choking. In case your canine has eaten some hazelnuts in your absence, then don’t panic. You simply search for the signs of blockages similar to diarrhea, vomiting, straining throughout bowel actions, ache within the stomach, drooling and burping, constipation, and lack of urge for food. Contact your vet in the event you discover any of those signs.

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